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Over 12 years of experience as a GPS tracking manufacturer

Find out more about Meitrack Group and all the GPS models that has satisfied clients worldwide. We are a direct manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Our products have been rated on the top ten list for trackers as we continue to set the standard for the industry.
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In 2002 Meitrack group was founded in Shenzhen China and quickly became an industry leader in innovative and superior Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking devices. The popularity of GPS tracking models, was a complete success that lead to the expansion of other strategically positioned branches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and California.

Meitrack has established the California branch as a central hub to fully provide technical and customer support to the entire American continent. Clients can have the reliance in product and support that comes with Meitrack brand products. Native English, Spanish and Portuguese representatives along with technical support are available to answer and guide them through whatever questions they might have.

Meitrack Group product portfolio is distributed in over 25 countries and counting. The Meitrack brand GPS trackers are consistently recognized for high quality, exceptional performance, and professional customer and technical support, every step of the way.

Meitrack proudly stands behind every GPS tracker that comes out of the manufacturing plant. Thanks in part to the powerful and extremely reliable SMT machine, Meitrack engineers can effectively monitor the level of quality in which each and every single tracker comes with. 12 years of experience in the industry have gone a long way, into developing quality and reliable products for clients who can always count on Meitrack GPS trackers to show them the way.
Quality products, friendly reliable customer support, and impeccable technical support are three reasons why Meitrack GPS trackers stand above the competition. Whenever a client purchases a GPS tracker with the Meitrack name, they are purchasing not only the device, they are purchasing a well-crafted GPS tracker which is backed by a leading GPS manufacturer. Hundredths of thousands of clients around the world, trust and rely on Meitrack every single day to keep their productivity flowing. With over 12 years of experience as a true GPS manufacturer, they can’t be wrong.

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