Introducing the Meitrack Forum

meitrack forum

Meitrack clients and users now have a community where they can come together

Meitrack is proud to announce the new Meitrack forum page, where clients are welcomed to search and ask questions on the forum. The questions will be answered by our technical experts who will also be the moderators. This idea came to be due to the fact that there are many applications that Meitrack GPS trackers can have. Most clients modify or simply use the trackers for various applications.

The forum will only consist of technical questions, and as of now it will only focus on the Latin America Spanish speakers, but it will include all of the current models of Meitrack GPS trackers and MS02 platform. Currently there are plans to open an English version of the Meitrack forum, depending on the amount of success that the Spanish version will have, plus the requests from English speaking clients.

Meitrack hopes that the forum will have a great impact on the Latin America customers who are always creative with ways of using GPS trackers in different types of applications and scenarios. The forum will also allow for registered users to answer each other’s questions, and ultimately form a community that revolves around Meitrack GPS products and services.

Register now find the link at the main menu under the tab resources. If you would like to have a forum in English please contact us or simply answer the poll, we strongly encourage you to participate.

Register now at

GPS Trackers Required for Trekking Adventures

Trekking GPS Requirement

GPS Trackers Required by all Trekkers

In an recent article by the Associated Press, Himalayan Trekkers might be required to rent out a GPS tracker if they plan to continue trekking through the mountains. Officials from the Nepal Tourist Department are thinking of implementing this new requirement after an avalanche left dozens of hikers dead.

In addition to the new GPS tracking requirement, tourists will be required to take with them a trained local guide and must register at check posts during their trekking. The article can be read here

GPS trackers help save lives, this has been proven time and time again. They serve many purposes that range from helping medical patients to small children playing at the park and are also a key tool for the adventurous crowd. Having to rent out a GPS tracker will have added security and give officials peace of mind as to where trekkers are located at all times during their journey.

On a recent weekend trip to the local mountain trails, there was the fire department and the EMT vehicles racing up the road, that is where the search and rescue team was getting ready to go looking for a missing hiker. It seems like there is always someone getting air lifted or injured every time I venture on a hiking trip.

Search and rescue operations take time and man power which can put more people at risk. Since the popularity of hiking has been going up and more and more people are hitting the trails, one must think as to if GPS trackers would be made a requirement before people attempt to go on average hikes.



Activists Tracking Down Illegal Logging


Logging in the Amazon has been around for years, and along with it illegal logging has also been in place.

In a recent news article featured in foxnews latino, it states that activists have been using GPS technology to fight back illegal logging that is taking place in the Amazon. Illegal logging has become a problem, simply because logging takes place in remote deep areas of the Amazon.

The remoteness of where these illegal activities take place is another thing that puts authorities in danger. The people who carry out these acts are prone to use means and tactics that will put anyone in danger and will use violence if they are confronted. The issue of logging must be addressed by the Brazilian government and regulated in order to start to make a dent in these illegal activities.

These groups of illegal loggers often export the lumber and pass it off as a legitimate company thanks to false documents and corrupt contacts in the industry. Importers of lumber from Brazil need to start doing their part and double check where their lumber is coming from and what type of practices and methods they are using.

The Amazon has become a risky area due to the illegal logging taking place, but also has become a major contributor to the deforestation of an area that is crucial to the entire planet.

Activists are doing great job in tracking down the source where these activities take place, and are doing so very smartly by using GPS trackers that are being installed in the vehicles these illegal loggers are using to transport the lumber out of the region.

Sicur Latinoamerica Welcomes Meitrack Group

Sicur Latinoamerica Meitrack GPS

Sicur Latinoamerica has been a real successful experience for Meitrack Group

Meitrack Group representatives have been really busy with meeting people who are excited to know more about the GPS products. Many people who visited the Meitrack Group booth are asking about the functions of the GPS trackers and all the line of accessories that can be integrated.

Representatives were not only meeting with new potential clients, but were greeting existing satisfied customers who were happy to see the company made the trip out to the country of Chile. Many clients where happy to meet face to face with the representatives that had been working with them.

There were many questions about functions of the GPS trackers, and the reps who attended the show did a phenomenal job, in explaining how every industry can benefit from having GPS trackers. Many of these were from the MVT100 motorcycle GPS tracker which is a very popular model

“Sicur and the beautiful city of Santiago, Chile, have been such a wonderful host and have welcomed us with open arms”, stated one of Meitrack’s representative.


This was a successful trade show attendance for Meitrack Group, as many new clients and relations were established for years to come.