Security: Taxi Cabs Can Benefit from GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers Taxi Cabs

Safety among numbers with GPS Trackers

Companies are starting to get involved more into GPS technology devices, more exactly GPS trackers. These trackers help out by keeping tabs of vehicles that are property of the company, they can measure the levels of fuel in the tank, the temperature of a refrigerated load, assist with visual aides such as cameras installed to monitor the driver or cargo. There are many uses as to why it is beneficial for companies to use GPS trackers. In some countries this technology is used more for security and anti theft purposes than to adjust any logistics in a route and calculate fuel on a company vehicle.

In India taxi cabs are being equipped with GPS tracking devices in order to offer better security to the riders. This all escalated from when a woman was rapped by a taxi cab driver when she was in the vehicle. Having GPS trackers will benefit both the driver, the company, and the passengers. This will allow the position of the taxi to be known to the command center at any given time, and will ensure that the driver is not taking a detour or going off route which both will arise alerts of suspicious activities.

This is specially important to public services if they want to keep their cities equipped with better security services for their citizens and tourists alike. Read more in detail the story here

Tracking Device Used for Home Robbery?

Are thieves using GPS tracking devices to monitor their victims?

GPS trackers are used to track vehicles, people, pets and other items, but could thieves be targeting their victims with this technology as well? According to a story aired in a man named Jeremiah Sammons found a GPS tracking device after he took his truck in for a routine oil change. The technicians indicated that this was in fact a GPS tracking device which was attached to the under frame of the vehicle by two industrial strength magnets. Sammons took the device to verify that it was indeed a tracking device at a local spy shop. He was informed that they sold similar ones in the price range of about $300 plus a monthly fee.

Sammons was the recent victim of a home robbery, where about a month ago his house was burglarized and thieves made out with about $100,000 worth of items. There has been speculation that the tracker might have been used by the thieves in order to monitor Sammons and know where he was at all times. So far the tracker has been turned into the police in hopes that they could extract possible important information that could lead to a clue if the tracker was used to commit the robbery.

Like any other technology GPS trackers are not an exception to people misusing them for illegal purposes. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this story and all the others that are similar in case. Rules and laws are created in order to prevent harm and or regulate the use or misuse of items and to enforce some type of control. The future of GPS trackers will definitely be something on the look out if people start misusing them for ulterior, illegal motives.

Detectives Plant GPS Tracker To Catch Thief

This news story talks about how GPS trackers where used to find out who was stealing hanging flower pots. This story might seem not as serious as other types of thefts, but the fact of the matter is that theft is theft. The man who allegedly was taking the hanging flower pots over a course of months was also caught on camera during daylight stealing the flower pots.

People who are bold enough or simply do not care if they are seen can pose a serious threat even if what they are stealing is not much of value. The man was caught on camera calmly walking up and taking the flower pots as if they where his. Even with video the man could not be identified, which is why detectives decided to “plant” a GPS tracking device inside one of the hanging pots and just wait for the man to trike again.

After some time, detectives received notice that the device had been triggered and was on the move. The GPS tracker lead detectives to the home of the man who was later arrested for stealing the flower pots. He was later released since his arrest, one of the interesting things to take notice is that when the reporter asked him if he did in fact steal the flower pots, he admit wrong doing but he did not want to say why.

This holiday season there are many people who will shop online and will be receiving packages containing gifts for loved ones. It is very important that everyone keep an eye out on the time they will arrive and make sure someone who is trustful is there to receive them in case no one is home.

GPS Satellites Assisting in Dark Matter Research

GPS satellites detect dark matter in space

GPS Satellites used by scientist to help aid detection of illusive dark matter

A livescience article written by Kelly Dicerson, talks about how two physics professors are taking aim at the skies to detect dark mater out in space. Dark matter is invisible, but it is estimated that there is more dark matter in the universe than visible matter. One theory that pertains to dark matter is that the particles that make up the dark matter do not interact as normal ones do and therefore it is difficult to see.

The idea of how researchers can accomplish this is by using the GPS satellites to detect the dark matter out in space. GPS satellites have synchronized clocks and the theory of it is that when dark matter passes by it will cause an interference that would cause the clocks to go out of synchronization. This theory only needs to have the slightest disruption of a little bit than a billionth of a second

This article describes one of the any purposes that GPS technology can be used for, other than just tracking objects or people. Technology is truly amazing, and the possibilities are endless. This theory if it proves to be successful it will possibly give a new light to what is known about the universe and have a possibility to re write history.