Meitrack Group Gives Thanks

Meitrack Group Thanksgiving 2014Meitrack Luncheon to celebrate Thankgsiving with all the employees.

Every year there comes a day where it is set aside for looking back and reflect on the different things that happened through the year. Good or bad, most people will think about where they began the year and where they are now.

Thanksgiving is a yearly tradition that people come together with loved ones, friends, neighbors to give thanks. Companies are no exception, and for that Meitrack Group would like to give thanks to all the great memories that have been part of this 2014 year. All the support that the company has received in all the different countries where the trade shows were organized. It takes a lot of hard work to organize a trip and there are many hard working people putting their efforts in order to meet deadlines and other tasks. Most of these jobs are done behind the scenes, but are certainly not forgotten because without them, there would be no trade shows to attend.

To all the new clients, and the already established ones who visited us in all the trade shows. are more than clients but dear friends and are part of the Meitrack family.

Lastly, to all the Meitrack Group employees and the had work that they put in day after day which helps Meitrack continue be the great company that it already is.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Drones Map Areas Infected by Disease

gps tracking maps in asia

Drones are being used in Southeast Asia in order to fight a malaria parasite known as (plasmodium knowlesi). This disease is spread by mosquitoes who bite monkeys, surprisingly the disease is passed to humans very frequently. In the story released by livescience, it states that scientist are using drones and GPS tracking devices to map an area where both human and monkeys tend to run into each other. The GPS trackers will give important data about human and monkey migration along with possible mosquito breeding grounds.

The use of modern technology to map out and find information in order to learn more about an infectious disease is a great thing. Technology has given us tools to help our lives become easier where most of the time they are misused and often harm people.

It is a refreshing thing to see that there are people who are still taking the new innovations and tools available to do good in the world.

GPS Tracker Helps Police Find Kidnapping Victim

In this report that was given by ABC 7 in San Diego reports that a woman was kidnapped off a street in the city of Philadelphia. The woman was found and her kidnapper was arrested by the police thanks to the help of a GPS tracker that was installed in the car she was taken in. The car belonged to the man who allegedly committed the kidnapping, the GPS was place in his car by the dealer he was financing the car from.

Used dealerships have taken to adopt this new method of installing GPS tracking devices in cars they finance to people who have less than favorable credit in order to protect their investments. When news broke about dealers using GPS trackers in some of their used cars that were bought by people with less than desirable credit, mixed feelings from consumers where seen. Some argued that by installing tracking devices in cars without giving the customer notice was an invasion of privacy by the dealer. The dealers defended their actions by stating that if people who financed one of their cars and were prone to skip payments, the GPS would assist in finding the vehicle and eventually recover it.

In this news story, the GPS that was installed in order to keep the car secured until it had been completely paid off, but it turns out was the tool that made finding the woman easier for the police. People might change their negative opinions about used cars being equipped with GPS trackers if more news stories like this one are taken into consideration.

People who have less than favorable credit do have a harder time to obtain certain things that others with better credit can get right away, but the notion of having bad credit should not be something to discourage them, specially if the GPS trackers will be taken out of the vehicles once they are fully paid off.

Helping Children Who are Lost

helping lost children

Helping Lost Children: A Male’s Prospective

There was a report on MailOnline which talked about how in a survey of Australian males, two thirds would think twice about helping a child who needs help. The reason for it was that males did not want to be seen or mistaken for a predator, when they help a lost child in public. Males were afraid that their intentions to help out a lost or upset child would make them look like a child predator, when helping out.

This report comes as the release of a tracking device for kids is released. Apparently if analyzed this seems to favor the child tracker in a sense that if a child is missing people will be more reluctant to help out. One question that remains is if people would be more resistant to help a child in distress. Normally people would not think twice about helping a lost child that is wondering lost in the streets. Alerting the proper authorities is something that is the first thing when encountering with a lost child.

Is it really possible for a grown man not to intervene and help a lost child, even if its calling the authorities. People (men) have stated in the discussion board how they would not be too eager to help out, just simply because they would not want others to see them as potential predators. This might be a sing of changing times at least in Australia, but there has got to be more inclination when it comes to helping a person in need.