Stolen Police Bike Found


In a news report, a man was charged with stealing a bicycle that belonged to a College campus police officer. The incident took place in the school campus when the man allegedly stole it. The police officer took notice and quickly started tracking the bicycle through the GPS tracker that had been installed.

The bike was found a couple of block from where it had been locked up and that is where police also found the man who allegedly stole it. He is now being charged with theft of more than $500 USD.

Protect your Valuables from Theft


There is a theft that happens at least every 15 minutes in any part of the world, but something is changing, which is bringing criminals to think twice about stealing. Most of the resent reports in the news about items being stolen are having a positive finish, this is partly because the victims’ items are being recovered, in part because they had GPS tracking devices.

Its no secret that crime happens everyday, but there is something you can do to help recover your precious items. Protect your investments by installing a GPS tracker that brings 24/7 security.

Stolen Truck Recovered with help of GPS Tracker


According to a news article in a man left his truck at a local car wash facility in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, that is when one of the employees of the car wash facility hopped on the vehicle and took off. The man was described to be under the influence of alcohol and narcotics at the time of the event. Authorities where notified by the owner of the vehicle once he returned to the car wash and his vehicle was nowhere to be found. The truck had been equipped with a GPS tracking device that was used to pin point the whereabouts of the vehicle and apprehend the man suspected of stealing the vehicle.

GPS trackers help recover stolen goods

In this news report by WSB-TV it shows the importance of having not only video cameras to provide security, but also to have GPS trackers in order to keep track of personal valuable items, and to help with the recovery. The report talks about 2 suspected burglars who were apprehended by the usage of GPS trackers to know exactly where they were. Click the video to see the full report.