RFID in commercial vehicles has great benefits.

As a business owner or manager, you are always trying to find new ways to cut costs and have a smoother workflow. Often times, vehicles are neglected or abused to a point that it begins to cost the company money. One of the best solution to this problem is to know who is assigned the vehicle and when they are using it. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a security device that brings added security to any vehicle. The concept is quite simple, the RFID key contains valid information for a single driver which is then activated by simply waving it across the mounted reader. This in turn automatically records a log of who the driver is, and allows for them to start the vehicle.

Meitrack Group the leading GPS tracking manufacturer has seen the benefits of using RFID on vehicles and has been a long standing supporter of this technology. This has driven them to offer an RFID reader as an additional accessory that can link up to many of their vehicle GPS trackers. RFID is one of the most underrated devices to better secure your assets, and here are the reasons why you should have them in your fleet vehicles:

Additional Security:

Additional security is always a plus when your business relies on your vehicles and making sure they are fully operational. Using an RFID reader in a vehicle will allow for dispatch or management to have driver verification at all times. RIFD cards contain specific driver information which is then , keeping an electronic and easy to access log of the date and time the vehicle was used by the driver. This can prevent unauthorized access to company vehicles, and allow only authorized drivers to engage the vehicles.

Employee Management

This can be accomplished thanks to the database that each RFID key has. Data can be pulled up about what key has been used to operate a particular vehicle down to the exact time. The usage of an RFID reader for vehicles allows easy management of all drivers and vehicles. This is due to a record being left when the vehicles are accessed. Reports can be viewed and downloaded straight from the web based platform, which means having valuable information at available the click of a button.

Theft prevention

No one wants to have their vehicle stolen, even with a GPS tracker, you will still need something to prevent theft. Having an RFID along with a quality GPS tracker increases your vehicle security and might even save you money. Some insurance companies offer discounts to vehicles that have a GPS tracking device and additional security such as an RFID (kill switch).

The RFID reader can effectively deter theft as the vehicle will not start unless the authorized RFID key card is present. This works as a secondary security measure in case the vehicle is broken into or hotwired or even if the keys are accessed. Having a secondary security protection will often times deter would be thieves from even attempting anything.

RFID is an simple yet highly effective way of not only securing your assets. It can automatically let you know what driver is accessing the vehicle. All this information is securely stored away online in a database which makes it easy for management to pull up and download. Meitrack Group has many models which can be used with an RFID and give you a complete solution to not only securing your assets, but helping you optimizing your operations. For more information contact Meitrack Group.

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