Flight tracking using GPS satellites

New GPS technology can shed light into preventing airplane blind spots

According to a report aired on PBS, there is an urgency to find a better way to track airplanes during their flights. This is in part by the terrible tragedy that happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370, where it disappeared from radar detection and could not be located.

A new technology called A.D.S.B .which stands for Automatic Dependence Surveillance Broadcast, is being tested out which will allow airplanes upgrade their tracking capabilities. Airplanes could relay their exact GPS positions in a matter of seconds using satellites, and eliminate blind spots.

Currently radar is being used to track down the position of airplanes in mid flight. The biggest problem is that radar tracking is a relatively old technology as the number one tracking alternative. Radar tracking is limited in the distance ranges and creates blind spots where airplane location reports could not be sent.

The development of A.D.S.B. brings light to be a better way to track airplanes in real time. A.D.S.B. creates no blind spots, because airplanes which can ultimately prevent tragedies such as the Malaysian Airlines missing flight. Hopefully this new technology can take off and be implemented, and put into regulation as the new way of tracking flights.

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