CeBIT Exbition turns out a Success

CeBIT Exhibition a total success for Meitrack GPS Trackers
After the successful MWC expo in Barcelona, Meitrack headed out to Germany. CeBIT was the next stop in the European tour exhibiting new GPS trackers. This year, CeBIT was held in the beautiful city of Hannover Germany. The entire show was a great success, as many people […]

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Successful Exhibition in Barcelona


Meitrack Group was one of the exhibitors at MWC. This year Mobile World Congress was in Barcelona, Spain. Thousands of companies and attendees showed to view the most innovative products for the mobile industry. Meitrack was one of the key exhibitors who showcased their newest GPS personal tracker, the P99G. This personal tracker has a […]

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Expo Seguridad 2017

Meitrack Getting Ready to Exhibit in Expo Seguridad 2017
In March the company will head out to Mexico and be part of Expo Seguridad Trade Show. 2017 will mark the 6th year attending this important event that gathers the best when it comes to vehicle and private security. Meitrack is excited to continue to being part […]

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PTCRB Certification for MT90G Personal GPS Tracker

Meitrack expands its reach to North America with PTCRB
The MT90G personal tracker is one of the most recognizable GPS trackers in the world. It has been named as one of the top ten best trackers and has a reputation of being one of the most cost efficient and a true GPS tracker.
Meitrack, the manufacturer of […]

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GSMA MWC Barcelona 2017

2017 Opens up as Meitrack Exhibits at GSMA Mobile World Congress
This year will have more opportunities for Meitrack beginning with exhibiting at one of the most talked about electronic shows in the world. GSMA Mobile World Congress is the first stop as Meitrack goes to Barcelona, Spain. The show will run from February 27 – […]

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Meitrack GPS Tracking Solutions Showcasing at SEMA

Meitrack group is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas.
This is the first time that the company will be in attendance and much like its previous trade shows, there is an anticipation of a very successful campaign.

SEMA takes place on November 1st to the 4th and is considered one, […]

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Meitrack debuts at CTIA Super Mobility

Productive time at CTIA for Meitrack Group
Meitrack group attended the very important CTIA Super Mobility Show which brought many innovations in hardware and software. CTIA focuses on the IoT and the solutions and improvements for many industries. Meitrack had a very successful experience as many industry leaders stopped by the booth. Qualified representatives were actively […]

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Meitrack America at Expo Carga

Great turnout for Meitrack at Expo Carga
The event, which lasted three days, was filled as people seeking more information about the upgraded 3G products. The turnout was better than anticipated, including the technical talks that Meitrack participated in. The atmosphere was lively as many interested people had questions about all of the GPS trackers and […]

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Gurtam Partner Conference

Meitrack participates in Gurtam Partner Conference in Belarus
Gurtam Partner Conference was held for two days to provide a place for top customers to meet. Hardware providers like Meitrack were crucial to show support to customers. The conference took place June 9-10 with an extra day for relaxation. Excitement filled the air as Meitrack participated in the event. The […]

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Expo Carga 2016

Meitrack, the leading manufacturer of quality GPS trackers will be attending Expo Carga 2016 in Mexico.
Expo Carga 2016 is one of the important trade shows in respect to the transportation industry. This will be the 6th consecutive year that Meitrack will be exhibiting new technology with new GPS tracking solutions. This time around Meitrack is […]

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Medellin Colombia Trade Show

Success for its distributor Makrotrack in Medellin Colombia Trade Show
Medellin, Colombia was the setting for Expo Transporte, a regional trade show which focused on the transportation and logistics industry. This year the event took place in Plaza Mayor in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia. Meitrack was there to show support for its official distributor in […]

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GPS Trackers in Mexico

GPS Trackers on display at Expo Seguridad Mexico.
It was another successful exhibition for Meitrack Group in Mexico. Every year the number of people who stop by grows even more, and this year was no exception as it was one of the highest turnouts yet. People were really interested in the new 3G ready GPS trackers, specially […]

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Trade Shows 2016

Let the Trade Shows Begin!
The new year has already started and its almost half way through, but it is just the beginning of the trade show conveyor for Meitrack. Starting April 2016 the company will be in high gear attending trade show after trade show in throughout Latin America. The importance of attending these valuable […]

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Snow Plows using GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers being used to track Snow Plows
In a news report by WKYT in Kentucky, Madison county has equipped 23 snow plow trucks with GPS tracking devices. The primary use for the GPS trackers are for the residents of the county to be able to know what streets have been plowed. This is thanks to […]

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Garmin Partnership

Meitrack – Garmin Partnership Agreement
Meitrack is pleased to reveal some exciting news that unveiled today. Meitrack is proud to announce that it is an official partner with Garmin. The partnership is amongst the T622 GPS tracker and its capability to link up with the Garmin nüvi 2699LMTHD. The T622 is the first GPS from Meitrack to […]

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Meitrack GPS Trackers: Weather Balloon Race

RandomRace is a competition that is held twice a year in Russia. The competition consists of about 10 to 20 balloons which measure about 1 meter in diameter. These balloons are attached with a landing pack which is composed of equipment such as a GPS tracker. Once the balloons are launched they can reach and […]

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Interactive Meitrack GPS Webinar

Meitrack holds Free Webinars for everyone
Meitrack Group is not only leading the way in GPS trackers, it is also leading the way in customer services. This free webinar is done to educate both clients and interested audiences to how the GPS trackers work. The webinars focus on different products how they work or to teach […]

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Thank You Colombia!

Meitrack Group had a very successful presentation at the International Security Fair in Bogota, Colombia. Meitrack is happy to report that the turnout was greater than expected with many people stopping by to see demonstrations of the complete line of GPS trackers. This is Meitrack’s latest stop in Colombia, but it will certainly not be […]

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Meitrackgroup on Instagram

Meitrack group is now in Instagram @meitrackamerica
Exciting news! To keep up with social media and the favorable trends, we have decided to go along and open the official Meitrack Group page on Instagram. Follow us on our journey to get an inside look at new products view some interesting short videos and see how we work day […]

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MS03 has Arrived

The wait is over! MS03 is here
Last minute additions have been made to the ESS International Security Fair in Colombia. Its finally here, after many rumors and speculations, MS03 is ready and will be formally unveiled during the ESS International Security Fair in Colombia. There were rumors about Meitrack coming out with a new GPS […]

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International Security Fair Colombia ESS

Meitrack GPS Trackers to exhibit in Colombia
Once again it is time for the International Security Fair which is held in the beautiful city of Bogota, Colombia. This will be Meitrack’s third year as exhibitors in the trade show, which is one of the biggest and most important security fairs in Latin America. The International Security […]

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Outstanding Exhibition at Expo Carga 2015

It is a great honor to say that Meitrack Group had a tremendous welcoming at this year’s Expo Carga 2015.
The number of people who came to the booth to get more information about Meitrack exceeded the amount for 2014. Expo Carga is an annual trade show, which focuses on logistics and security for transportation vehicles […]

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GPS Technology Advancement: Tracking Inside Buildings

GPS Technology currently in testing Stages for Indoor usage.
In a report from news.inverstors.com, the Chinese tech company Baidu has given Indoor Atlas, a mapping company the green light to begin testing out new GPS technology and create indoor mapping. This new mapping technology is said to know where the person being located is at by […]

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Expo Carga Mexico 2015

Meitrack group finds it important to bring brand presence to all of its customers and that is why the company is making arrangements to once again travel back to beautiful Mexico city. Meitrack is excited and proud to once again bring brand awareness of its GPS trackers and to be an exhibitor at Expo Carga! […]

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Thank you Expo Seguridad Mexico!

Meitrack would like to thank everyone who came and visited the booth at Expo Seguridad 2015.
There were a lot of new faces with many promising projects at hand. The atmosphere was great and very busy with people extremely interested in Meitrack GPS products. People who stopped by were really fascinated with the new 3G GPS […]

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New Catalogs added to Meitrack GPS Resources

New updated Catalogs Available

Meitrack has new updated product catalogs with valuable information that many people would like to know. Every day there are many new potential clients who ask for information on various types of GPS tracking models. To answer the overwhelming demand, Meitrack has decided to make online copies of the new product catalog […]

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Webinar Videos

Meitrack offers free webinar videos.
In efforts to offer additional learning material for clients and others who are interested in the GPS tracking functions, set ups and in depth technical aspects, there are bi-weekly webinar videos being held that cover a variety of topics. Currently the webinars are offered in Spanish, but there are plans to […]

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Join us at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2015


Meitrack has been leading the way at Expo Seguridad
It has been hailed as having one of the best customer service in the industry in addition to the high level of quality GPS trackers it already produces. Thousands of key companies around the world have trusted Meitrack GPS trackers to protect their investments, and even bring their […]

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Meitrackusa Upgraded Website

Welcome to the new Meitrackusa.com website.
We have completely renovated our website in order to bring you a more user friendly interface. This new website will include some of the most popular features like the language translator and the technical forum link. The new interface is more user friendly and easy to navigate that will surely […]

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GPS World Article on T333 GPS Tracker

GPS World Article features Meitrack T333 GPS Tracker
Take a look at the T333 3G Vehicle tracker, which is on the GPS World official website as one of the product showcase. GPS World brings all the important news about everything and anything in the global positioning industry. This is only the start of new products to come, there are […]

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Tracking Parrots with GPS

Tracking Parrots in the Wild.

A research study shows that parrots can be tracked using GPS. An article that was published in phys.org explains how fourteen parrots of the (Nestor notabilis ) species were equipped with GPS trackers. The parrots were picked based on their level of intelligence and fearlessness that they are associated with. One of […]

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How we are all part of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Spring Festival ( Chinese New Year ) 2015

Christmas and New Years are a big part of millions of people around the world, during this time there is a constant rush to spend the holidays with loved ones, and of course holiday shopping for gifts. During this time there is also a major rush for mail […]

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Construction Equipment Recovered

In a recent story from News Channel 3, a Virginia man was arrested by authorities after investigators had received a signal coming from a GPS installed in a Kubota ATV. The signal alerted officials that the vehicle was being stolen and gave them coordinates to the exact location of where it was at. Officials searched […]

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Excellent Start to the New Year for Meitrack Group

CES 2015 At Full Force in Las Vegas

Meitrack Group had a very successful outcome at this years’ CES in Las Vegas. During the four days of exhibiting, Meitrack Group representatives where hard at work demonstrating the new GPS trackers to people who where stopping by the booth. Meitrack Group would like to extend their gratitude to […]

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CES 2015 Las Vegas: Meitrack Group To Exhibit New GPS Trackers

Meitrack Group will be attending CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

This show has been a great venue to attend for Meitrack over the years, and has brought a lot of new clients who have invested into the GPS technology. Attendees are introduced to brand new innovations that are usually released to the general public […]

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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to everyone!

This year has been filled with many new journeys that Meitrack was fortunate to be a part of. Throughout the year, there was releases of new GPS trackers that included modifications and improvements to some of the existing models. Meitrack’s research and development team was hard at work trying […]

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Security: Taxi Cabs Can Benefit from GPS Trackers

Safety among numbers with GPS Trackers

Companies are starting to get involved more into GPS technology devices, more exactly GPS trackers. These trackers help out by keeping tabs of vehicles that are property of the company, they can measure the levels of fuel in the tank, the temperature of a refrigerated load, assist with visual aides […]

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Detectives Plant GPS Tracker To Catch Thief

This news story talks about how GPS trackers where used to find out who was stealing hanging flower pots. This story might seem not as serious as other types of thefts, but the fact of the matter is that theft is theft. The man who allegedly was taking the hanging flower pots over a […]

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GPS Satellites Assisting in Dark Matter Research

GPS Satellites used by scientist to help aid detection of illusive dark matter

A livescience article written by Kelly Dicerson, talks about how two physics professors are taking aim at the skies to detect dark mater out in space. Dark matter is invisible, but it is estimated that there is more dark matter in the universe than […]

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Meitrack Group Gives Thanks

Meitrack Luncheon to celebrate Thankgsiving with all the employees.

Every year there comes a day where it is set aside for looking back and reflect on the different things that happened through the year. Good or bad, most people will think about where they began the year and where they are now.

Thanksgiving is a yearly tradition […]

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Drones Map Areas Infected by Disease

Drones Map Areas in order to help fight disease

Drones are being used in Southeast Asia in order to fight a malaria parasite known as (plasmodium knowlesi). This disease is spread by mosquitoes who bite monkeys, surprisingly the disease is passed to humans very frequently. In the story released by livescience, it states that scientist are using […]

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GPS Tracker Helps Police Find Kidnapping Victim

In this report that was given by ABC 7 in San Diego reports that a woman was kidnapped off a street in the city of Philadelphia. The woman was found and her kidnapper was arrested by the police thanks to the help of a GPS tracker that was installed in the car she was taken in. […]

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Helping Children Who are Lost

Helping Lost Children: A Male’s Prospective

There was a report on MailOnline which talked about how in a survey of Australian males, two thirds would think twice about helping a child who needs help. The reason for it was that males did not want to be seen or mistaken for a predator, when they help a lost […]

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Meitrack Conducts GPS Webinar in Order to Facilitate Technical Questions

Meitrack Group GPS Webinars to Answer Technical Questions

Meitrack Group USA has launched a new webinar program that will assist clients in understanding the functions of individual trackers. The webinars are scheduled to run about an hour in total length and will be conducted by highly qualified technical support Meitrack representatives.

This program was launched as a […]

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Introducing the Meitrack Forum

Meitrack clients and users now have a community where they can come together

Meitrack is proud to announce the new Meitrack forum page, where clients are welcomed to search and ask questions on the forum. The questions will be answered by our technical experts who will also be the moderators. This idea came to be due […]

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