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In a recent story from News Channel 3, a Virginia man was arrested by authorities after investigators had received a signal coming from a GPS installed in a Kubota ATV. The signal alerted officials that the vehicle was being stolen and gave them coordinates to the exact location of where it was at. Officials searched the property and found several other construction equipment and items which had been reported stolen. The man has been since charged with possession of stolen property.

Tools are part of a line of equipment that people need to get the job done. In construction having the right equipment means, having the ability to literally be able to work on construction projects. Just like any other valuable item, construction equipment must be protected to ensure accountability at all times, specially when it is left overnight at a construction site. Having a GPS tracking device in heavy duty construction vehicles will enhance the level of security and knowing that they can be monitored 24/7 from a desktop computer or even a mobile smart phone with data capabilities.

Meitrack has a line of GPS trackers that fit any vehicle set up and are an ideal solution to secure construction vehicles and other equipment. The GPS trackers come with some of the most modern innovations and optional accessories which can add even more security. These accessories include RFID readers, cameras, two way communication services, fuel and temperature sensors, among others. Visit for additional information about the benefits of having a GPS tracker installed in construction vehicles.

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