Productive time at CTIA for Meitrack Group

Meitrack group attended the very important CTIA Super Mobility Show which brought many innovations in hardware and software. CTIA focuses on the IoT and the solutions and improvements for many industries. Meitrack had a very successful experience as many industry leaders stopped by the booth. Qualified representatives were actively engaging with customers in bringing them up to date on information and developments.

Meitrack GPS trackers and its platform brought many people who sought out information. The majority were interested in optimizing their businesses with the help of GPS tracking devices. As IoT brings another field to the industry in devices connected to the network, it is important to bring new solutions to problems. GPS tracking information can be an important resource for many profitable adjustments.

The information that Meitrack GPS trackers can provide to a client is something with extreme value, as many of the trackers together with the platform can relay information about routes, fuel consumption, driving habits in addition to bringing another layer of security and direct communication with the driver.

Meitrack has been in the industry for over 14 years and has had many successes in foreign markets, and now they are bringing the same quality and service to the U.S. Unlike other GPS tracking companies, Meitrack is the direct manufacturer with direct control over product quality. Another benefit is that Meitrack offers OEM / ODM options to clients to cover special projects, including M2M.

CTIA 2016 was an excellent opportunity for people to learn about Meitrack and all the GPS trackers they manufacture. CTIA was such a success that Meitrack has made commitments to be there next year. Also, this time bringing even more ideas and solutions for other industries.


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