This news story talks about how GPS trackers where used to find out who was stealing hanging flower pots. This story might seem not as serious as other types of thefts, but the fact of the matter is that theft is theft. The man who allegedly was taking the hanging flower pots over a course of months was also caught on camera during daylight stealing the flower pots.

People who are bold enough or simply do not care if they are seen can pose a serious threat even if what they are stealing is not much of value. The man was caught on camera calmly walking up and taking the flower pots as if they where his. Even with video the man could not be identified, which is why detectives decided to “plant” a GPS tracking device inside one of the hanging pots and just wait for the man to trike again.

After some time, detectives received notice that the device had been triggered and was on the move. The GPS tracker lead detectives to the home of the man who was later arrested for stealing the flower pots. He was later released since his arrest, one of the interesting things to take notice is that when the reporter asked him if he did in fact steal the flower pots, he admit wrong doing but he did not want to say why.

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