drones help map areas of disease

Drones Map Areas in order to help fight disease

Drones are being used in Southeast Asia in order to fight a malaria parasite known as (plasmodium knowlesi). This disease is spread by mosquitoes who bite monkeys, surprisingly the disease is passed to humans very frequently. In the story released by livescience, it states that scientist are using drones and GPS tracking devices to map an area where both human and monkeys tend to run into each other. The GPS trackers will give important data about human and monkey migration along with possible mosquito breeding grounds.

The use of modern technology to map out and find information in order to learn more about an infectious disease is a great thing. Technology has given us tools to help our lives become easier where most of the time they are misused and often harm people.

It is a refreshing thing to see that there are people who are still taking the new innovations and tools available to do good in the world.

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