Meitrack at Expo Carga 2015

It is a great honor to say that Meitrack Group had a tremendous welcoming at this year’s Expo Carga 2015.

The number of people who came to the booth to get more information about Meitrack exceeded the amount for 2014. Expo Carga is an annual trade show, which focuses on logistics and security for transportation vehicles and companies. Meitrack Group was one of the only GPS tracking companies as exhibitors and had great results, thanks in part by extra marketing efforts which resulted in positive news.

The most talked about product has been the new T333, which is Meitrack’s first 3G GPS tracker. It is packed with faster Ublox 7 chips and internal components that make the T333 stand above the rest. Meitrack Group has been in the GPS industry for over 12 years and unlike other companies, they consistently are in attendance at major industry trade shows year after year.

Just days after the return of the Meitrack team back to the office, they are planning the next trade show which will be in the country of Colombia. To learn more about the marvelous products that Meitrack manufactures please visit the website at and stay up to date with insider news through the blog and monthly newsletter.

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