Expo Carga 2016 Booth

Meitrack, the leading manufacturer of quality GPS trackers will be attending Expo Carga 2016 in Mexico.

Expo Carga 2016 is one of the important trade shows in respect to the transportation industry. This will be the 6th consecutive year that Meitrack will be exhibiting new technology with new GPS tracking solutions. This time around Meitrack is not only focusing on the GPS trackers, but also the tracking platform that they use. A new re-designed MS03 is more versatile than the previous model platform. Together with 3G capabilities from the new GPS trackers, MS03 delivers information at unbelievable speed and accuracy.

There will be a schedule technical lecture from one of Meitrack’s leading technical managers which will do into depth about how Meitrack GPS trackers can help every aspect of business in almost any industry. The lecture will also cover new projects which are being developed such as the M2M technology from Meitrack that will come out later this year. This is the perfect time to get an advancement at this anticipated technology release which is set to open up the tracking industry even more.

Innovations which are being developed every year are one of the reasons why Meitrack stands above the rest. Much more than a GPS tracking company, Meitrack is the leading manufacturer of GPS tracking devices for vehicles and persons. Meitrack holds the number one spot when it comes to customer service and technical support and has gained the trust of thousands of multi-million dollar companies world-wide.

To get more information about future engagements please feel free to visit www.meitrackusa.com and sign up to our social media accounts to stay informed.

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