Meitrack would like to thank everyone who came and visited the booth at Expo Seguridad 2015.

There were a lot of new faces with many promising projects at hand. The atmosphere was great and very busy with people extremely interested in Meitrack GPS products. People who stopped by were really fascinated with the new 3G GPS tracker model and the many functions that these trackers are capable of accomplishing. Meitrack distributors were able to join in the fun at the booth in answering questions, giving live demonstrations and interacting with the public teaching the public about the many benefits of using GPS trackers and how they would benefit their particular industries.

This was one of the best outcomes for Meitrack at Expo Seguridad, and would like to thank everyone that came out to the booth. Preparations are underway for next year’s Expo Seguridad, with even more trackers and a new services. Even though many people did not get to attend Expo Seguridad, do not worry as Meitrack will be back very shortly in Mexico, more details to come…

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