Garmin Partnership

Meitrack – Garmin Partnership Agreement

Meitrack is pleased to reveal some exciting news that unveiled today. Meitrack is proud to announce that it is an official partner with Garmin. The partnership is amongst the T622 GPS tracker and its capability to link up with the Garmin nüvi 2699LMTHD. The T622 is the first GPS from Meitrack to be able to sync up with a Garmin device. This official partnership is just one of the many projects that Meitrack is working on. Early 2016 there will be a release of new GPS trackers with more functions that will benefit the GPS tracking industry. These innovations have been the hard work of the Meitrack engineers who were developing the T622 model to further the reach of Meitrack products.

This deal is a giant step for Meitrack as it starts to develop its M2M or mobile to mobile research and development projects which 2016 is sure to have more in store. More information about the M2M solutions will be unveiled as the time progresses, but things are looking bright as the company holds back on no expenses to bring this technology to all of its clients. This will mean the showcasing of new GPS models with new great features that will continue to keep Meitrack as one of the leading companies in the GPS tracking industry. The integration of Meitrack and Garmin is just the beginning for better things to come. Stay informed by signing up to the monthly newsletter and the official Meitrack blog.

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