For many years there has been a mystery going on in California’s Death Valley. There has been rocks which appear to be traveling across the flat dry lake bed, some for hundredths of feet leaving a trail behind.

Many people have speculated and came up with various reasons as to why these rocks might be moving on their own. Some where saying that the rocks were being moved by gusts of wind, while others had other more super-natural explanations. A team of geographers decided to put an end to this mystery and conducted an experiment to try and find the real reason as to why these rocks moved. Geographers used GPS tracking devices which were installed in rocks and spread out the lake bed floor. These rocks were being monitored for months with every movement being recorded and analyzed, besides the rocks being equipped with GPS trackers, they were also being monitored for periods of time through a video feed.

The conclusion as to why the rocks seemed to be moving on their own was in part to a thin layer of ice that was carrying the rocks as the ice was being melted by the sun. The experiment was a complete success due in part of dedication of the geologists who were conducting the experiments.

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