Expo Logistica Colombia Meitrack GPS

A few days back Meitrack America wrapped up a very successful trip to Colombia where it was a first time exhibitor at Expo Logistica in the beautiful city of Bogota, Colombia.

Gaining momentum from its last successful expo in Colombia, the company decided to make this expo all about the popular T366 and T366G models.

These two GPS trackers have been selling all across Latin America, labeled as one of the best and most cost effective GPS trackers, the T366/G has many features and functions that are sought out after.

Thanks to its tough exterior, the T366/G come standard with an IP67 rating which makes them ideal for use on motorcycles and watercraft. One interesting feature on this tracking device is the ability to monitor driving behavior, such as harsh braking and sudden acceleration. This is valuable information that can predict early wear and tear on vehicles.

This GPS tracker is one of the best and a lot of people are noticing that. The T366/G GPS Tracker can be used in cars, trucks, watercraft and motorcycles. The reliability has been rated as one of the best, and the performance is second to none.

More information about the T366/G visit https://www.meitrackusa.com/trackers/gps-vehicle-trackers/t366g

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