Engine Stop Feature

Engine Stop with GPS technology

Meitrack GPS trackers have a large number of functions and accessories that can be added on to compatible Meitrack GPS models and enhance the level of information that is recorded and delivered to the user. One of these functions that has a lot of popularity within users is the engine stop function, which with a single SMS text message that is sent to the GPS tracking device, will deactivate the engine and thus make the vehicle stop.

This function requires is only available for certain models and requires installation of a relay accessory that is available through Meitrack. The relay will act as a bridge that between the ignition of the vehicle and the GPS tracking unit, once the SMS text is sent and received by the unit, it will kill the engine. This function has an added safety feature that will only kill the engine completely when the car is going at a slow rated speed or at a complete stop, this is to prevent from simply killing the engine while the car is going at a high rated speed.

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