GPS satellites detect dark matter in space

GPS Satellites used by scientist to help aid detection of illusive dark matter

A livescience article written by Kelly Dicerson, talks about how two physics professors are taking aim at the skies to detect dark mater out in space. Dark matter is invisible, but it is estimated that there is more dark matter in the universe than visible matter. One theory that pertains to dark matter is that the particles that make up the dark matter do not interact as normal ones do and therefore it is difficult to see.

The idea of how researchers can accomplish this is by using the GPS satellites to detect the dark matter out in space. GPS satellites have synchronized clocks and the theory of it is that when dark matter passes by it will cause an interference that would cause the clocks to go out of synchronization. This theory only needs to have the slightest disruption of a little bit than a billionth of a second

This article describes one of the any purposes that GPS technology can be used for, other than just tracking objects or people. Technology is truly amazing, and the possibilities are endless. This theory if it proves to be successful it will possibly give a new light to what is known about the universe and have a possibility to re write history.

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