indoor gps technology

GPS Technology currently in testing Stages for Indoor usage.

In a report from, the Chinese tech company Baidu has given Indoor Atlas, a mapping company the green light to begin testing out new GPS technology and create indoor mapping. This new mapping technology is said to know where the person being located is at by variations in buildings that disturb the Earth’s magnetic fields. This new technology is being called “Indoor GPS” and apparently it is still in early stages of testing.

This is a phenomenal advancement in GPS tracking and location services, as more companies are currently developing this beacon technology such as Apple’s iBeacon which allows devices to communicate and exchange data in short distances. Other top companies such as Twitter and Alibaba are also partnering up with developing companies in order to explore this new technology.

Even though it is still in its early stages, the technology looks promising for future developments.


UPDATE: Meitrack has been developing WiFi in order to assist in GPS tracking. This manufacturing company of GPS tracking hardware has began testing this new method in order to bring pin point location while indoors or when GPS signals are obstructed, or not available. The first WiFi enabled GPS tracker is set to be released to the market later in 2017. For the full article on Atlas you can visit the original site by clicking on the link. Full Story

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