Helping the Homeless

Odense is a city in Denmark that has implemented a program that will track homeless people via a personal GPS trackers in order to obtain data to see where they go and gather each day in order for the city to be able to build centers and other structures like benches and shelters that will be able to help them live just a bit better in their every-day lives.

The program is very unique because it is actually trying to help the less fortunate instead of brushing it under the carpet as many cities and countries do. The pilot program is tracking 20 homeless people who volunteered, and are in part getting three hot meals per day for their participation.

Hopefully the program is a success and more cities can adopt this pilot program that will put a more decent way of dealing with the homeless population, instead of just ignoring them or forcing them out of many public areas.

For more information you can read the entire report from www.citylab.com

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