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Helping Lost Children: A Male’s Prospective

There was a report on MailOnline which talked about how in a survey of Australian males, two thirds would think twice about helping a child who needs help. The reason for it was that males did not want to be seen or mistaken for a predator, when they help a lost child in public. Males were afraid that their intentions to help out a lost or upset child would make them look like a child predator, when helping out.

This report comes as the release of a tracking device for kids is released. Apparently if analyzed this seems to favor the child tracker in a sense that if a child is missing people will be more reluctant to help out. One question that remains is if people would be more resistant to help a child in distress. Normally people would not think twice about helping a lost child that is wondering lost in the streets. Alerting the proper authorities is something that is the first thing when encountering with a lost child.

Is it really possible for a grown man not to intervene and help a lost child, even if its calling the authorities. People (men) have stated in the discussion board how they would not be too eager to help out, just simply because they would not want others to see them as potential predators. This might be a sing of changing times at least in Australia, but there has got to be more inclination when it comes to helping a person in need.



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