Alzheimer's Disease how to help people stay safe with GPS trackersAlzheimer’s Disease Patients get GPS Trackers to keep them safe.

A person with Alzheimer’s disease has many obstacles in their everyday lives for them and for their caregivers. One important tool that many people have sought help from are personal GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking devices can help not only keep track of the whereabouts of a person but trackers like the MT90 can also give the person the ability to call an emergency number to get in contact with someone if they need to.

Besides having two way communication and all the tracking functions such as live tracking and Geo-fences, the new MT90A has a “man down” function in which a sensor in the tracker can detect impact and send an alert to an emergency number. The tracker also has an S.O.S. button that can also call an emergency contact for help.

Features such as those mentioned are now a necessity specially for people who are prone to falls or can have a serious injury due to one. Having a reliable personal tracker can be the difference between an incident becoming a tragedy.

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