Logging in the Amazon has been around for years, and along with it illegal logging has also been in place.

In a recent news article featured in foxnews latino, it states that activists have been using GPS technology to fight back illegal logging that is taking place in the Amazon. Illegal logging has become a problem, simply because logging takes place in remote deep areas of the Amazon.

The remoteness of where these illegal activities take place is another thing that puts authorities in danger. The people who carry out these acts are prone to use means and tactics that will put anyone in danger and will use violence if they are confronted. The issue of logging must be addressed by the Brazilian government and regulated in order to start to make a dent in these illegal activities.

These groups of illegal loggers often export the lumber and pass it off as a legitimate company thanks to false documents and corrupt contacts in the industry. Importers of lumber from Brazil need to start doing their part and double check where their lumber is coming from and what type of practices and methods they are using.

The Amazon has become a risky area due to the illegal logging taking place, but also has become a major contributor to the deforestation of an area that is crucial to the entire planet.

Activists are doing great job in tracking down the source where these activities take place, and are doing so very smartly by using GPS trackers that are being installed in the vehicles these illegal loggers are using to transport the lumber out of the region.

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