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Meitrack clients and users now have a community where they can come together

Meitrack is proud to announce the new Meitrack forum page, where clients are welcomed to search and ask questions on the forum. The questions will be answered by our technical experts who will also be the moderators. This idea came to be due to the fact that there are many applications that Meitrack GPS trackers can have. Most clients modify or simply use the trackers for various applications.

The forum will only consist of technical questions, and as of now it will only focus on the Latin America Spanish speakers, but it will include all of the current models of Meitrack GPS trackers and MS02 platform. Currently there are plans to open an English version of the Meitrack forum, depending on the amount of success that the Spanish version will have, plus the requests from English speaking clients.

Meitrack hopes that the forum will have a great impact on the Latin America customers who are always creative with ways of using GPS trackers in different types of applications and scenarios. The forum will also allow for registered users to answer each other’s questions, and ultimately form a community that revolves around Meitrack GPS products and services.

Register now find the link at the main menu under the tab resources. If you would like to have a forum in English please contact us or simply answer the poll, we strongly encourage you to participate.

Register now at

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