Manufacturing GPS trackers over 12 years

There are many companies that manufacture GPS trackers for everything and anything, how can you know which companies have the best products in the market? Many of the companies that are coming out as being GPS tracking manufacturers are start-up companies which have no funding or real reliability behind them. Many of them rely on a third party to manufacture their product without first having a proper research and development team to test all products.

Meitrack is one of the few companies that has both reliability, and is a true GPS manufacturer. Meitrack has more than 10 years of experience manufacturing GPS trackers with its own research and development department, which is always finding new innovations and designs to accommodate customers’ needs.

With every successful company comes excellent customer and technical support, clients all over the world can agree that Meitrack is not just a manufacturer, it is a company that will back all of its products to assure that the quality and reliability is beyond client’s expectations. Meitrack has well trained representatives that cover world-wide clients on a daily bases.

The training is very rigorous with tests and presentations throughout the year for all employees, in order to test their knowledge of products and ability to solve issues at a minutes notice. To find out more about Meitrack and the line of GPS trackers, visit

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