Meitrack at Expo Carga 2016

Great turnout for Meitrack at Expo Carga

The event, which lasted three days, was filled as people seeking more information about the upgraded 3G products. The turnout was better than anticipated, including the technical talks that Meitrack participated in. The atmosphere was lively as many interested people had questions about all of the GPS trackers and how they can help save money.

The MVT600 is one of Meitrack’s most popular models due to the fact that it can have multiple accessories added to it. This in turn not only tracks a vehicle, but it offers a more complete tracking solution with fuel and temperature monitoring. The ROI is huge as fuel can now be monitored and routes can be determined for more efficient transport. Other accessories can be integrated such as an RFID reader to restrict vehicle usage, while a camera and microphone can open up a hands free two way of communication between the driver and the hub.

Another big interest people sought out was the integration between the T622 and that of Garmin GPS. This was big news as the two can now be integrated to provide a more efficient way of tracking and communication. Right now the T622 is the only Meitrack tracker that can integrate to Garmin GPS, but its anticipated that more models will have the ability in the near future.

One last mentionable feature of the T622 is the ability to connect to CanBus system. This allows for a much better management system on big rigs, busses and other large vehicles. Even though this concludes the latin America trade show exhibitions, Meitrack still has one more to go. This time it will be CTIA in Las Vegas. Join us on September 7-9 2016 in the M2M zone. For more information about Meitrack products please visit our site

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