Meitrack and Key Telematics Partnership

New partnership between Meitrack and Key Telematics Emerge

Meitrack Group is one of the top GPS tracking manufacturers in the world. Because of the great quality GPS Trackers, great reviews constantly come to Meitrack from companies around the world. Some Key factors that separate Meitrack from other manufacturers are quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Having reliable hardware is also key to many software companies. As a result Meitrack GPS trackers continue to be integrated to many other platforms from third party providers.

Software GPS platform company, Key Telematics has been recently working together with Meitrack Group’s GPS trackers.

These two companies are no stranger to each other as Key Telematics has a unique fully customization of the platform. As a result this has led to the ability to work Meitrack GPS trackers. The Key Telematics software has great functions that can work with Meitrack hardware products and accessories allowing the user full potential of both products. Finally having quality hardware and the key software to compliment it, was a successful combination to take on some of the most difficult projects in the private and government sectors.

Meitrack strategic partnerships bring new GPS Tracking solutions.

Consequently this is the case for Meitrack as it continues to complete big projects in the industry. Because of this, the effort will continue in order to establish partnerships and good business relations with other companies. For more information about Meitrack partnerships or if you want to become a partner contact us directly via email or phone. visit Key Telematics @

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