GPS Tracking platform MS03

The wait is over! MS03 is here

Last minute additions have been made to the ESS International Security Fair in Colombia. Its finally here, after many rumors and speculations, MS03 is ready and will be formally unveiled during the ESS International Security Fair in Colombia. There were rumors about Meitrack coming out with a new GPS tracking platform for some time now, especially with the limited beta release of MS03. The rumor has now been confirmed, MS03 is here and ready to go on the market. The new platform is completely redesigned from the bottom up and has a more appealing user interface.

MS03 is a completely new GPS tracking platform and is the product of many hours of research and development done by the engineers at Meitrack headquarters. MS03 will come with a new interface that is focused on user experience as many features have been made to be accessed more easily. MS03 gives the user a customized experience as the menu items can easily be rearranged or hidden for better maneuverability. Visual pleasant icons have replaced much of the menu options which makes it easier to use. Among other changes are unlimited layer account management , available command prediction and customized side panels.

Meitrack will unveil new products which will be available to the market later this month. The products have been in development for the last year, but are now ready to hit the market. Not too much information has been announced other than the products are part of the surveillance and security industry.

Meitrack will be exhibiting the new products and GPS tracking platform in booth # 824, which can be accessed through pavilion 14.


  1. guillermo guzman August 28, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Please can send me software information MS03 and GPS which is connected to the USB port, as well as prices.

    We need them for a project of a pipeline routing.

    I am pending reviews.

    Best regards.

    • Juan Jimenez August 31, 2015 at 10:02 am

      Hola Guillermo me puedes dar tu correo electronico?

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