The MVT100 has been a very popular model simply because of its versatility and amount of applications that it can be used for.

The MVT100 GSP tracker was created to be a motorcycle tracker but has also been used to track water vessels such as yachts and jet skis thanks due in part to its IP66 rating. The features on the MVT100 have always been very popular, specially the “engine stop” feature which will remotely kill the engine and thus disable the vehicle. Earlier in this year, Meitrack research and development team made new improvements to the hardware and functions to the line of GPS trackers in hopes of allowing users

One key addition to the MVT100 has been the use of Anti- Jamming technology which will help deter people from using illegal electronics with the purpose of jamming the GPS satellite signal down to the tracker. This has been possible also because of the new updated GPS chipset, now that all of Meitrack products have the very popular u-blox GPS chip installed in them.

The MVT100 is a staple of Meitrack for years thanks to the popularity it has amongst our clients around the world. So many people cannot be wrong about a truly sleek modern, and power GPS tracking device.

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