MVT380A-blogThe MVT380 has been a very popular vehicle tracker because of the amount of power that it has in such a compact frame. It many popular features that people often seek out, and many of the competitor’s trackers lack.

Meitrack Group is always innovating and listening to client’s feedback that is why Meitrack Group has been working and is now in production stages of the new MVT380A which has the ability to create up to 8 polygon Geo-fences which is a great advantage for clients, making it easier for them to set these virtual boundaries.

The new MVT380A will also have access to firmware updates (when and if needed) over the air, and can also be configured in Parameter Editor Online, which make the MVT380A easier to use and configure. Not only did the tracker get all these great upgrades but it also got a huge boost with a new more powerful ublox 7 GPS chip.

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