refrigerated temperature gps trackers

Refrigerated units can benefit from GPS Trackers

Here is a way that you can keep track of the temperature inside your refrigerated unit while the cargo is being transported. Using the T1 GPS vehicle tracker can allow you to install a temperature sensor in your refrigerated unit that will send out an alert when there is a drop or rise on the temperature, according to what you configure in the platform. Besides sending out important alerts when there is a great fluctuation in temperature you can also monitor the temperature from the platform itself. This way you can also have a temperature report of the entire trip.

The T1 GPS vehicle tracker from Meitrack Group is a very unique and powerful GPS tracker that can allow the user the ability to intergrade additional accessories to better facilitate production and cost efficiency. The T1 can also support LCD displays, cameras, FRID card readers, along with temperature and even fuel sensors. This tracker is a must have to any commercial vehicle whether they have refrigeration or not, with the amount of accessories this tracker can support, there is no reason not to have it in your vehicles.

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