school bus safety

Keep an eye on your children while they ride the bus to and from school.

Many gps trackers can do that, just track your children where they are at any given location. Meitrack’s popular personal tracker, the MT90 does that and more. The tracker has a built in sensor that can detect how fast the tracker is moving.

This function can be enabled and set to if a specific speed is reached, the GPS tracker will send out a text notification to a designated cell number. People know the importance of tracking children or elderly, but what about when someone else is transporting them? This GPS tracker can notify you if the vehicle that your loved ones are traveling in is exceeding the speed limit.

The MT90 is one of the most versatile personal GPS trackers that is on the market today. It was named as one of the top 10 trackers on the market according to and is amongst Meitrack’s most popular GPS tracker.

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