Sicur Chile

Meitrack to attend Sicur in Chile.

Just fresh from the trip to Colombia, Meitrack Group is not wasting time in preparing to attend Sicur Latino America in October. This will be the first time that Meitrack is attending the popular fair which will have in exposition products, and services all related to safety and security.

Attending the fair will be a big boost in support for all the Meitrack clients already established in Chile, the country where the fair will be taking place. Meitrack Group is scheduled to showcase the popular GPS tracking models in hopes to establishing new clients in this region. Expectations are high as this year Meitrack Group has brought out to production new GPS tracking models along with giving a hardware and function upgrade to many other popular models.

There will be more to come as the time gets closer to the Sircur Latino America Fair which will be held October 15 – 17 in Santiago, Chile.

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