GPS Trackers being used to track Snow Plows

In a news report by WKYT in Kentucky, Madison county has equipped 23 snow plow trucks with GPS tracking devices. The primary use for the GPS trackers are for the residents of the county to be able to know what streets have been plowed. This is thanks to a map that can be accessed by residents where it shows in real time what streets the snow plows are currently done. This technology will be very useful for residents as they will now know what streets to take and which ones to avoid in their snowy commutes. The detail of the map is so precise that it can even let the public know which side of the street the plow has cleared. This will in time save the residents time, effort, and money by avoiding being stuck on dangerous icy roads and possibly reducing the number of ice related accidents. This story is just another great example of how GPS tracker can help just about any industry, and it is not only limited to track, but to give out information which can be very valuable. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the many uses for GPS technology, specially as the technology keeps advancing into M2M (machine to machine).

The new M2M will be able to relay even more information and be able to do far more greater tasks than ever, if you are interested in learning more about this type of technology please feel free to visit. for the new T622 GPS trackers.

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