OEM ODM Special Projects

OEM / ODM Special Projects in the GPS Industry

There are many GPS trackers out in the market, most of them coming from new companies that claim they are the greatest innovation when it comes to GPS technology, which most of the time its really quite the opposite. Many of these new companies specialize in only one or two different models and are only for end users, (retail sale) plus most of the time they don’t have the necessary funding to have their own research and development team.

Meitrack is a true manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the GPS tracking industry, with many clients from all over the world and with different needs. Meitrack has its own Research and Development team that can manufacture to a client’s specific needs including any special projects. If there is a project that needs a specific type of GPS tracker, then Meitrack is the right company to talk to if you are interested in developing a successful project for your industry.

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