Stolen goods recovered, suspects caught.

In this news report by WSB-TV it shows the importance of having not only video cameras to provide security, but also to have GPS trackers in order to keep track of personal valuable items, and to help with the recovery. The report talks about 2 suspected burglars who were apprehended by the usage of GPS trackers to know exactly where they were. Click the video to see the full report.

GPS Trackers are not only used to monitor and to recover vehicles, as the technology is advancing and becoming less expensive, it is now seen in many other valuable items. Cell phones are one of the most valuable items to people as they hold personal information that could be detrimental if it were to be stolen. This is one of the reasons why most cell phones have gps tracking apps pre-installed or can be manually installed by the user. In this report the suspects were caught using the GPS tracker in one of the phones that they stole, but be on the look out as more and more high value items will be coming out with gps trackers or solutions to prevent theft.

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