Meitrack Booth at International Security Fair

Meitrack Group had a very successful presentation at the International Security Fair in Bogota, Colombia. Meitrack is happy to report that the turnout was greater than expected with many people stopping by to see demonstrations of the complete line of GPS trackers. This is Meitrack’s latest stop in Colombia, but it will certainly not be the last one.

Besides the unveiling of the new GPS tracking platform MS03, there was also a conference given on the last day by one of Meitrack’s more knowledgeable technicians, which brought a max capacity of attendees to the conference room. The success was also attributed thanks to quick planning and adaptation as there were some minor booth delays, but the Meitrack team stepped in and handled quickly as they tend to do in every situation.

The overall success that Meitrack was much greater than the past years. This has quickly become the norm for the company, as each year more and more people welcome the brand and visit the booth in record numbers.

This has been the last international expo that Meitrack will assist for the rest of the year, with its focus on the products and planning for the upcoming year as there are talks of attending even more trade shows in other Latin American countries. Meitrack will still be hard at work with the new development on new products, which is sure to make a huge buzz around the security industry. There will be more details to come in the next few days about the products and a formal introduction to the general public.

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