GPS Trackers to fit any type of application

All GPS trackers are not created the same, each different model that Meitrack Group brings out of production serves a special purpose, but can be applied to many types of industries. Unlike competitors, Meitrack Group has been in the business of manufacturing tracking solutions since 2002, and has grown to be one of the top GPS manufacturers in the world.

GPS Trackers are specially developed for persons from all walks of life. GPS Personal trackers can be used by nature adventurists, to patients in health care facilities and anywhere in between. The MT90 is currently the only personal GPS tracker, but it is one of the best in the world. The small size and simple interface make it so easy to use that both elderly and children can be better protected. The 2 way calling feature is one that has become a favorite amongst users, along with the discrete listen in, authorized people can actually hear conversations going around at the time.
GPS Trackers are designed for different types of operational vehicles. Meitrack manufactures different model GPS trackers to fit every client’s needs. The trackers range from the basic MVT340 to the MVT800 and T1 which can be loaded with additional accessories to provide even more safety and monitor systems. Vehicles are an investment and maintaining your investment safe is what Meitrack can offer. As the leading GPS tracking manufacturer for over 12 years, hundreds of thousands of clients around the world have put their trust in the quality products that are Meitrack GPS trackers.

Personal GPS Trackers

Vehicle GPS Trackers