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Tracking Parrots in the Wild.

A research study shows that parrots can be tracked using GPS. An article that was published in explains how fourteen parrots of the (Nestor notabilis ) species were equipped with GPS trackers. The parrots were picked based on their level of intelligence and fearlessness that they are associated with. One of the challenges with equipping the birds with the GPS trackers was to make them tough enough to withstand the animal’s strong beak. The solution was to surround the GPS tracking unit in a tough but soft outer protection shell, which was attached to a harness that would make the unit rest between the parrot’s wings, keeping him from restrictions when flying.

The toughness of the harness was put to the test after only a week. The research included fourteen parrots that were individually strapped with the harness and GPS tracker. Two birds somehow were able to break free of the harness, and two other birds were never recovered. The remaining birds had successful outcomes as the harness with GPS tracker did not show signs of obstructing their wings or any other movements.

The purpose of the study was to better understand these animals in how they behave and other important factors. Migratory routes, points of interaction with humans can render very valuable information that researchers can then use to help maintain the existence for this type of species.

GPS trackers are a very powerful tool to track, and on this case study behaviors of animals to better understand them. For additional information about GPS trackers that can be used for larger animals such as cattle visit

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