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Meitrack holds Free Webinars for everyone

Meitrack Group is not only leading the way in GPS trackers, it is also leading the way in customer services. This free webinar is done to educate both clients and interested audiences to how the GPS trackers work. The webinars focus on different products how they work or to teach basic trouble shooting solutions to the most overlooked steps in the set ups. The entire webinar runs about 1 hour and it gives the attendees the opportunity to interact while they learn. The webinar is hosted by one of Meitrack’s most knowledgeable technicians Mr. Hazael Hernadez. He has been the moderator of the webinars since they recently continued and has an extended library of knowledge about the inner workings and trouble shooting problems that can sometimes occur. The webinars are held in a bi-weekly schedule with the next one set for September 3, 2015 10am pacific standard time.

Unfortunately the webinars are being held in Spanish at the moment, but as soon as the demand rises for the webinar in English, Meitrack will create one. If you would like to attend the webinar you can log into the site using this link. https://hazael2.clickwebinar.com/mvt100-y-mvt340/register

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