GPS Accessories

More than tracking, accessories for Meitrack GPS trackers

Many things separate Meitrack from other GPS tracking manufacturers. One is the ability to add extra security and monitoring devices to the tracker. Meitrack GPS trackers can support various additional accessories which make a more complete solution. Models do support external fuel sensors which are directly integrated to the unit and the platform. This allows for the user to monitor sudden fuel level drops and program alerts. This function is specially popular in Latin America where fuel theft is a big problem.

Another accessory that can be used alongside a GPS tracker are RFID card readers. The RFID also gets linked up to the tracker and reports using the platform. This gadget allows for full control of the ignition. Drivers must use a RFID card in order to start the vehicle, even though they might have a physical key. This function allows for extra security on drivers.

Temperature sensors are a great aide in monitoring vehicles where the cargo has to be refrigerated. The sensors are linked much like the fuel sensors and they can be programed to alert for specific temperatures. The temperatures that are reported are done in real time and have a history report.

Recently one of the most popular accessories are the Relay switches. The relay allows for control of the ignition of the vehicle. This paired up with the GPS tracker allows to shut off the engine if the vehicle is stolen. This function can be done with the use of a simple text message to the GPS tracker.

These are just some of the many accessories that can be used to enhance the security and monitoring levels for Meitrack GPS trackers. For more information about any of the accessories or what GPS trackers support these functions please contact Meitrack.

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