CAN bus T622G

CAN bus Function Testing Underway for T622G

Last month, Meitrack preformed CAN bus functions test using the high end T622G (3G) GPS vehicle tracker installed in a ProStar® International truck.

This test was to gather information in the accuracy level of the T622G tracker in decoding CAN bus data. The test was carried out using one of the best freight vehicles in the market, a ProStar® International truck. The out come did not disappoint as the GPS tracker read 18 different types of CAN bus data. These included, vehicle speed, control status, accelerator pedal position, fuel level, RPM, total engine run time, fuel consumption rate, axle weight, maintenance service approximation, and instantaneous fuel consumption. All the data from the results was collected and read using MS03, which is Meitrack’s native GPS tracking platform. The MS03 platform was chosen for better compatibility and increased accuracy opposed to any other platform.

Monitoring a vehicle’s fuel consumption and maintenance condition play an important factor in optimizing fuel efficiency and preventing costly future repairs.

Knowing precise information about the vehicle can have tremendous advantages such as:

  • Preventing fuel theft.
  • Reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Motivating eco-driving.


Other data collected from the test were the level of compatibility with other various vehicle makes and models. However, it is strongly recommended for the vehicles to support the FMS protocol in order for the T622G to read the CAN bus data, and to minimize incompatibility.


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