Innovation of GPS trackers

Innovation is one of the many strengths behind Meitrack

Meitrack continues to improve and innovate their line of GPS trackers. With the telecommunication standards taking effect that will gradually switch out 2g to 3g devices, most of all Meitrack GPS trackers have now the ability to work under the 3G network. This is true specially with the vastly popular T366G which is one of the few multipurpose GPS trackers in the market. This particular model has the ability to be either used for motorcycles or regular passenger vehicles.

The T366G works on the 3G network but it can also use the 2G network if it is the only one available. The purpose of this feature is to allow the device to be connected to a network at all times. Meitrack is a global wide company that manufactures a variety of specialized GPS, and m2m solutions. Differences in markets allow Meitrack to develop specialized solutions.

One of the most recent innovations is the rolling of GPS trackers which run exclusively on 4G networks. Some markets have called for the advancement of these devices to work on 4G networks, but some countries do not support this network as conditions only allow for 2G or 3G. The adaptation of technology depending on individual countries is something that Meitrack has continued to uphold for all of their customers.

Every year the company analyzes the feedback and market to what customers are looking for in high quality GPS and m2m innovations. An important key factor is the listening to loyal consumers in order to continue to offer quality products that will benefit them and their businesses.

To find out more about new upcoming innovations and projects please contact your regional Meitrack branch to speak to a sales representative.

September 10th, 2018|blogging news, news|