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Snow Plow with GPS tracker is more efficient at removing snow

With the new year starting off, Meitrack is starting off strong with new innovations on its GPS trackers. Some of these new innovations come in the form of 4G enabled GPS trackers to greatly enhance the communication between the tracking unit and the network. Meitrack has a comprehensive line of GPS trackers that can fit almost any type of commercial or personal need.

This winter in many parts of the world snow storms are a huge problem, specially for metropolitan areas were road closures can cost many businesses lots of money. Many snowplowing companies need to be ready to go and clear public roads at any moments notice. When clearing out roads in the fastest possible way, every second counts. Knowing where all the snow clearing vehicles are and which roads have been cleared is something that is needed and can be accomplished by using Meitrack GPS trackers.

Meitrack not only has powerful GPS tracking units, but it also has a powerful software platform. The MS03 tracking platform is one of the most versatile and powerful in the industry. This platform allows you the ability to track your vehicles in real time and through history reports. The mapping system that the MS03 platform offers can allow for snow plows to be coordinated accordingly in order to maximize their use, cut down on the fuel cost and overall enhance of the operation.

The MVT800 is one of the models that can facilitate this type of solution, due to its design and being water resistant. Another model includes the T366G which is one of the most versatile ones in the Meitrack line of trackers.

There are many solutions that Meitrack GPS trackers can help anyone accomplish, for more information please contact us directly.

January 7th, 2019|blogging news|