driver fatigue system

Meitrack group has been working hard in new development and has successfully crafted a new innovative system that can monitor a driver and predict fatigue. The system uses a sophisticated identification system that locks in the driver’s eyes and analyzes for conditions that might indicate fatigue. The system has been praised for effectively finding a way to identify driver fatigue and quickly counter via visual and audio alerts.

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes for accidents amongst long drives and its common with transportation as many drivers face long drives for hours with minimal rest. The new driver fatigue monitoring system also focuses on other factors including if drivers are using their cell phone to send text messages or making calls. Driver distraction is another factor which has been linked to many accidents which could have been prevented if the driver was paying attention to the road. Meitrack’s system is so sophisticated that it can even detect if the drivers are smoking inside the vehicle. All these bad driving habits can be instantly eliminated and prevented in the future.

The driver fatigue monitoring system works with Meitrack’s powerful MS03 monitoring system along with the A89 monitoring hardware unit. This remarkable system is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle facing the driver. The sophisticated camera locks in to the driver’s face and can detect facial expressions such as yawning, being distracted and even detects if the driver is not visible.

This system has been developed to help drivers and eliminate bad driving habits that can come with costly results. The system can be used for any type of vehicle, commercial or personal. It is one of the easiest systems to install and use and can be monitored using the website or the app.

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September 28th, 2018|blogging news, news|