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Expo Seguridad 2019

Let’s get ready to view some new innovations from Meitrack Group. Expo Seguridad 2019 will be the venue this May when Meitrack unveils new innovations and solutions. The company has been focusing on bringing much needed solutions to the transportation and security industry.

These include:

  • Fatigue System T466G
  • Passenger Counter T91
  • Container Locker K211G
  • TPMS System

The Driver Fatigue System (T466G) Consists of a sophisticated system that is linked up in order to effectively monitor an analyze driver fatigue. A high-tech camera visually inspects a driver by their facial expressions which an algorithm can smartly alert the driver for certain distractions or if it detects signs of fatigue. The system saves reports to a platform which can then be accessed by authorized persons. The versatile and reliability of the system can be used by both commercial and private vehicles thanks to its easy installation.

Passenger Counter T91 is a truly remarkable solution for the transportation industry in order to obtain accurate information on passengers. This system includes visual confirmation from top mounted cameras linked up to a unique system that recognizes the layout of a passing person which after meeting the algorithm requirement can be counted.

Smart Lock K211G supports (LoRa) Long rang and GPRS communication. This technological marvel is the next evolution in security as it is controlled my m2m technology. The lock is IP67 thanks to its no button design which also deters tempering. The smart lock is ideal to secure transportation containers, trailers and box trucks. The locking mechanism can be locked / unlocked by RFID and comes with a long-lasting battery averaging 78 days of working life.

Lastly there is the TPMS System which is one of the most adaptive in the industry. This system is linked up with the powerful MS03 which can detect any temperature or air pressure fluctuation in real time thus alerting the control center and driver. This is a unique system that can adapt to the number of tires on the vehicle. The sensors can be inside or outside mounted to the owner’s preference.

All of these new innovations will be showcased at the Meitrack booth #1432 in Expo Seguridad Mexico on May 7-9 2019. For more information please visit our website www.meitrackusa.com



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