MWCA World Mobile Congress Americas

Meitrack Staff members attend MWCA 2017 San Francisco, CA

The stage was set for Mobile World Congress Americas MWCA 2017 and Meitrack GPS Products were once again a huge part of the event.

MWCA partnered up with CTIA in what was a three day event filled with innovative wireless communication products and services. Keynote speakers and workshops rounded out the event along with Meitrack’s two new innovative products.
The team was excited to meet and interact with current and some potential clients by showing them product demos and answering questions about functionality and service of GPS tracking devices. It was really exciting to understand and help with possible projects, as our OEM / ODM services are one of the most sought out by new clients.

The first is a new passenger / people counter which can integrate to Meitrack GPS trackers in an effortless method. This device is perfect to monitor buses or any other passenger vehicles, but can also be used in a stationary setting such as building entrances or exits.
The second is a system that can effectively monitor a multi-wheel vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature. This advanced TPMS is much more than a standard system, as it allows monitoring in real time with a steady connection between Meitrack’s GPS trackers and offers alerts and precise information to the platform.

These two new products allow for a better way to not only monitor but control possible vehicle / service issues helping optimizing work flow, ultimately saving both time and money. The passenger / people counter and the TPMS can be easily integrated to compatible models of Meitrack GPS trackers bringing an even more well-rounded monitoring system. However these two can also be integrated into other types of hardware with some modifications.
For more information about these two new products or any of the GPS trackers and services offered please visit

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