Passenger Counter

Passenger Counter

  • High Precision Passenger / People counter

  • Dual Cameras

  • 3D Binocular view

  • Compatible with most software

  • GPS / GPRS module (option)

Time to keep count

Meitrack has developed a solution for businesses and special projects that require the counting of passengers on transit vehicles but can also be used in stationary places, such as malls, buildings or any other high foot traffic areas.

This is composed of a passenger / people counter that uses two dual cameras which have a default of 50 frames per second. The cameras are also equipped standard with infrared light detection for more accurate readings. Binocular stereo vision obtains to of the same images from different angles, which then obtains a 3-D rendering of geometrical data.

The counting system consists of the main module the dual cameras connected and synced to the MVT600 GPS tracker, together all these components bring a true monitoring solution for public transportation.

DVR Connection

This system has a two channel connection that enables the attachment of a separate DVR unit as an external means of monitoring and recording.