Driver Fatigue GPS

Meitrack at CeBIT 2018 in Germany

Meitrack Group has had a busy schedule all over the globe with representation in different countries. The company has had a very successful exhibit in CeBIT 2018 which was held in Germany. CeBIT is one of Europe’s most important trade show, which is also known for the innovation that it brings. Meitrack received a lot of positive feedback from the people who stopped by the booth. It has been a tradition for Meitrack to attend CeBIT year after year in order to bring support to the hundreds of thousands of users around Europe, but also to bring brand awareness.

One of the biggest innovation this year that Meitrack has done is the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System which was an instant hit amongst the expot. This particular system has a pupil identification technology that can actually detect if a driver has fatigue. This system is brings a very unique solution for many companies that deal with long distance transport. One of the most dangerous things to do is drive drunk, the second one is to drive while fatigued. The latter is a common practice for many truck drivers since they need to get their cargo to destination on time. Certain guidelines have been put in place in order to prevent drivers from driving fatigued but it is still not enough. This new system that Meitrack has developed can assist in minimizing driver fatigue and thus preventing accidents and potentially saving lives.

This new sytem has been in the works and now can be brought to Meitrack customers. For more information about the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, please contact your Meitrack representative for availability in your region. It was a great pleasure to be apart of CeBIT and once again and bring another innovative product to the GPS tracking industry.

June 25th, 2018|blogging news|