Meitrack TPMS

TPMS Solution

  • Applicable for various vehicles

  • Monitor tire pressure and temperature

  • Configurable audio and visual alerts

  • Monitor using our App or web browser

  • Internal and external options

Monitor your tires

Meitrack has developed a new TPMS solution that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature directly from the MS03 platform.

This Meitrack TPMS can be integrated as an additional accessory to the T333 and the T1 GPS vehicle trackers. The system can read tire pressure and the temperature in real time through the MS03 platform. The TPMS has a “Smart Sleep Mode” that the system will enter a power saving mode when it detects the vehicle has not moved for more than 15 minutes. Each sensor has a unique ID number that is easily displayed for accurate monitoring in the event of a air leak. The included software allows for easy configuration of air leak alerts, high and low pressure in any tire.

Internal and External

Meitrack’s TPMS solution comes in two options, the first uses external sensors which have a battery life span of about two years. The other uses an internal sensor that can go up to five years before the batteries need replacing. Both solutions allow for multiple applications, such as small personal vehicles all the way up to big multi-tire commercial vehicles by allowing the addition sensors as needed.